Trendy, comfortable, cosy, high quality but affordable… This is what Teak World is about in a nutshell. Between design, creativity and innovation, its sofa models are a display of fine taste in a range of choices: classic teak sofa, colourful couch, modern sectional. Showcasing sizes, formats, upholsteries and infinite styles, the sofas are impressive by their neat design and value for money.

An infinite variety of styles now at Teak World

Whether it is a two or three-seater sofa; modular or reclining, or with a sleek, stylised or traditional look, you will find the one which matches your style, in line with the comfort you are expecting. As trend and novelty are enviable, you will be seduced by Teak World’s sofas.

Go for the ‘Florence’ sofa for its comfort and style, in an elegant indigo blue, a trendy decor colour by its power and density! And velvet brings yet another little trendy touch! This shimmering and luxurious material adds character and immediately makes your room elegant.

Designed to provide the well-being you were eager to find, the relaxation sofa, manual as well as electrical, can come with several features with a separate and reclining seat. Moreno meets these requirements – beautiful by its look and exquisite to use!

Ibiza seduces as much by its design as by the beauty of its solid teak wood. Very attractive by its comfort, the elegant simplicity of its lines, and its contours with neat finishes.

Are you looking for a smaller piece of furniture to fill a particular space in your home? Teak World offers a range of single armchairs or even ottomans.

High quality relaxation

Real relaxation can begin with the adjustable comfort provided with some models. The # 5309 KUKA Home model for instance is a large modern sofa with a dual-depth backrest function and a rocker mechanism which allows you to push back and forward. When you push the cushion backwards, the seating area turns into a daybed. Versatile, this sofa is extremely comfortable.

Discover the many other KUKA Home models in a full range of colours, leather or fabrics, with large quilted cushions or duck duvets, at the Teak World showroom in Bagatelle and Grand Bay. In addition, you can choose the upholstery for KUKA sofas with different leather or fabric colours.

Customisation for a fine touch of beauty and luxury

The sofa is really a must, being both part of the decor of a house, and providing comfort to its inhabitants. What a great idea thus, to adapt it with your personal touch? Teak World offers customisation options for this purpose. Thus, feel free to “Mix, Match & Create” its modular sofas. Each piece being sold separately with large transportable cushions, you can customise its format as much as you want. Two-seater sofa, single chair or auxiliary bed, it’s really up to you!

In addition to aesthetics and quality, Teak World gives you the opportunity of choosing your model and the dressing of your sofa (more than 50 fabrics), and the dyeing of the solid wood (12 colours available). A world of collections that is all up to you to decide!

So, bear in mind that design, luxury and quality comfort at affordable prices are a philosophy at Teak World!

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