Want to go ahead with waterproofing your house whilst making sure it is an eco-friendly solution? Combining thermal insulation and waterproofing thanks to a bituminous membrane is the perfect solution to grant you optimal comfort and allow you to be energy-savvy. LaCase.mu introduces you to this long lasting solution that uses the best products on the market.

Palco Waterproofing Ltd is, first of all, synonymous with 25 years of expertise in the field of waterproofing. This longstanding presence on the local market reinforced the company’s positioning as a leader of the industry, and allowed it to grow stronger and evolve, with constant innovation as one of its main concerns.

Step 1: Application of the thermal insulation boards

Waterproofing and thermal insulation in one go

Choosing a waterproofing system that will decrease your electricity bill by lowering your recourse to air conditioning? This great result is achieved by a 3-step process, the first of which is to lay down a coat of thermal insulator, and the second of which is covering it up with a self-adhesive bituminous membrane reinforced with polyester. Finally, this membrane is itself coated with a second membrane applied with a blowtorch, enabling it to withstand the effect of UV rays. It is a winning combination for yourself as well as for the planet ,that simultaneously helps you save money and lower your energy footprint.
Step 2: Application of the first self-adhesive Adepar JS SBS membrane

The best brands to stand the test of time

This waterproofing system is, first and foremost, a long-lasting solution. Indeed, for this kind of waterproofing work, Palco Waterproofing only uses SBS membranes.


“Using this type of membrane allows for a proven prolongation of the waterproofing system’s lifetime, due to its added elasticity and  capacity to withstand bad weather”, explained Palco Waterproofing Ltd Manager, Hubert Harel. This stamp of quality also allows the company to offer a 10-year warranty on waterproofing works. .
Step 3: Installation of the second SBS Paradial S membrane

A solution to suit every waterproofing problem

Palco Waterproofing also offers other types of waterproofing systems, adapting them to each and every client’s need. Among their wide range of offerings, you will find Impermax liquid polyurethane waterproofing solutions, but also cement liquid waterproofing using Tal Suleproof products for showers, swimming pools and tile patios. Palco Waterproofing Ltd also represents excellent brands from various countries, such as Siplast (France), Bitunil (Egypt), Krypton (Spain), Tal (South Africa) and Conmix (Dubai).

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