A buoyant warm climate has been floating around for the past few days… Yes, summer is (almost!) back! Time to revamp your interior decoration, by adding a little sunshine to welcome the beautiful season. 

As summertime is nearing, you may feel the urge to refresh your home. Here are 5 trendy and inexpensive tips to spruce up things a little, without completely redesigning your house!

Bright colours or offbeat prints… Colour is a sure bet!

Summer is synonymous with bright colours, edgy prints and good vibes. We would suggest therefore that you match your living room to your state of mind! Change your sofa cushions, the curtain fabric or install a colourful tablecloth on your dining table. These shall set the summery mood you are looking for.

Natural materials, absolute must-haves for your decoration

If there is one thing Mauritian homes do not lack, it is natural materials: made of raffia, ropes, natural wood or coconut carpet… it evokes an undoubtedly authentic bohemian style! Opt for back-to-the-roots atmosphere, bringing a soothing touch to your living room or bedroom. Reconnecting you with the beauty of our landscapes, these materials will bring you that essential touch of serenity to live a relaxing summer.

White: The invitation to tranquillity into your home

Often disregarded as an uninteresting colour, white is THE shade which shall bring the brightness and sunshine your home needs. Known for its soothing effect and for the luminosity it brings to a room, white is also synonymous with warmth and vitality. As a bonus? It obviously matches wonderfully with all colours. Wait no longer and repaint your walls or give your old furniture a facelift!

Plants invite themselves indoors

Providing an estival touch par excellence, plants are no longer bound to remain in the garden only! A large floral bouquet, an XXL green plant in a glass vase or suspended from the ceiling by a macrame with its long branches drooping: all these ideas would give your living room a jungle-ish backdrop. Also, even though there is no scientific proof that houseplants improve mood, it is a philosophy we firmly hold on to at LaCase!

Renew your linens

Often considered as an accessory, linens are nevertheless a key detail to bring cheerfulness to your home! Bed linen, linen shower or even tablecloth and napkins: choose the colour or prints you feel will bring a pleasant change to the house.

And you, what are your tips for inviting summer into your home? ?