Its a fact: summer is back! What’s better to wave good-bye to the ever-annoying heat waves than a dip in your very own swimming pool? If you don’t have one already,  Around the Pool will be glad to build yours.

The perfect partner for your dream pool

As the saying goes: Swimming in happiness is not unlike taking a few breaststrokes in your own pool! With 10 years’ experience in the field, Around the Pool Ltd offers various types of swimming pools.

Why not choose one in reinforced concrete? It is both stronger and more durable than any fibreglass swimming pool. Another advantage of choosing such a pool is that the troubles of distorted walls and gaps caused by use and time will be over!

These tailor-made concrete swimming pools by Around the Pool Ltd boast various personalised options, whether in style, dimension, shape or flooring, and no matter if you choose ceramics or slate… The result is bound to meet your expectations without any concessions! This high-end product will also undoubtedly increase the value of your house.

A 360° service

From the early design stages to the maintenance of your swimming pool, Around the Pool Ltd also offers a wide array of services and equipment for water filtration and overall maintenance. The company also sells and swiftly installs lighting, skimmers or return fittings for you to enjoy your pool to the fullest.

Be seduced by a natural pool

For the trendiest pool enthusiasts, eco-friendly products are also available! Around the Pool has teamed up with a leading South African company with over 15-years experience in the field, positioning itself as one of the very pioneers of natural pools in Mauritius. EcoPool, its range of natural swimming pools, uses plants and gravel among other natural materials, doing away with the need for salts and other chemicals for the upkeep of your swimming pool… And did we mention that it looks gorgeous? Those seeking to enjoy themselves without harming the environment will be charmed.


Don’t hesitate any longer, and stop by  Around the Pool Ltd in Tamarin to lay the foundation of the summer of your dreams!

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