Profilage Océan Indien Ltée, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019, is adding new references to its portfolio. The brand has thus chosen the Starlite® brand – the only thermal insulator on the market to be certified completely non-flammable (A1 certification). A reassuring safety measure for residents!

The Mauritian summer is gradually getting hotter, and it becomes harder to get away with uncomfortable temperatures. As such, the need for a system to curb the heat is urgent… Starlite® grants this advantage without increasing the energy cost required to cool down the inside of a building. In addition, it offers an excellent acoustic performance.

Economical and practical

Choosing the right product requires a trusted brand, as it is a safety issue. Starlite® has an excellent thermal performance of 0.039 W/m.k and an acoustic coefficient of 0.70 for 50 mm thickness. It also helps prevent condensation in humid conditions, and the growth of bacteria.

Particularly sought after for its renowned superior performance over different insulators on the market, Starlite® is available at Profilage, in a 50-mm format. Other dimensions up to 125 mm will be delivered at request.

Starlite®, coupled with the Profilage Thermatech range sheets, ensures a comfortable efficiency against high temperatures while reducing electric consumption. Indeed, ecological awareness in constructions must be the priority of all.


A twofold ecological product, Starlite® not only allows you to considerably reduce your energy consumption, but its manufacture and the use of this chemically-inert product are environment friendly. Indeed, it meets eco-friendly standards with a Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP).

“We are focusing our choice of materials to help architects and clients choose green buildings options. The positive feedback we receive from our customers is encouraging us to always offer quality, innovative and efficient products to help protect our planet,” says Rajendra Kandye, Sales Executive at Profilage.

Discover this product at the Profilage Océan Indien Ltée Showroom in Riche Terre!

Also in store: Bondek II® structural steel decking; roofs and pergolas Lumisol polycarbonate sheets; three-layer protection Aquilon© fences, Vertic safety systems for working at heights, and the Thermatech © Solar Reflectance range of sheets, which helps reflect sun rays and reduce peak roof temperature.

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