Sofap’s newest creation awaits at Home & Leisure Bagatelle Mall to put a sparkle in your eyes, and give your life new colours. The expert in polished finishing touches caters to its customers’ every need with adaptable solutions for everyone.  Whether you are looking forward to painting a blank wall, renovating a bedroom, or simply relooking a living room with an accent wall, Sofap’s colourful universe has the right option.

Shopping is a beautiful adventure

Sofap recently expanded its Bagatelle and So’Flo showrooms in order to provide its customers with an exceptional shopping experience. In So’Flo this new setup takes a new adventurous meaning as it features a dedicated space to SMEs as well as individuals who are involved in the recycling and upcycling of various products. 

In order to provide better service to its customers, the brand’s nationwide launch of Permoglaze Tilecote is designed to bring in an added value to the range of products. This paint revives ceramic tiles on any wall, ridding customers of the burden to replace them with new ones. This is also a great option from both economic and ecological standpoints!  

A firm presence in Mauritius

Sofap knows its local customers’ needs. Producing and marketing decorative and protective paints, as well as varnishes and a whole range of primers for various surfaces of the brand Permoglaze (under a licence from Crown Paints UK), and even manufacturing texture-creating products through its “Tribe” line, Sofap makes its variety of products a major asset.

The company, which has been consistently present in the paint industry since 1988, now has 8 showrooms (Sofap Inspirations Stores) throughout the island, namely in Pailles, Helvetia, So’Flo, Rivière Noire, Cascavelle, Riche Terre, Grand Baie and, of course, Bagatelle. The perfect spots to sell Permoglaze products, Tribe texture-creating products and Nova wood products, among others.

If you’re looking for another way of living in and feeling your decor, come by Home & Leisure Bagatelle Mall to fully grasp the Sofap universe.

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