Summer is around the corner. Get in the mood with a fresh fruity, floral or woody scent, evoking the sun and the holidays. Be it with the help of a home-made diffuser or a burner, essential oils can not only deodorise and embalm a room, but they also positively impact on our moods. Refresh your homes with sweet fragrances. Here are our tips.

Peppermint for freshness

Known to soothe headaches and nausea, peppermint gives off a fresh, slightly spicy scent. It will be your best ally to cool your rooms and counter the stifling heat of summer when the temperature rises. Parfum Ete 1

Lavender for calmness

This smooth and gentle fragrance is a must-have for your home. Aromatic and floral, with its soothing and relaxing powers, lavender evokes the tranquillity of a morning in Provence.

Jasmine for a serene atmosphere

How about a delicate and flowery fragrance, to induce inner peace? In addition to the delicious fragrance that it emanates, jasmine has soothing and anti-depressive virtues. It shall cater to your well-being after a stressful day in the scorching heat of Port-Louis.

Green tea for a light and fresh atmosphere

Invite the holidays to your home! In addition to its relaxing properties, the delicate herbaceous fragrance of green tea will perfume your homes for a summery and dynamic atmosphere.

Lemongrass to repel mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are summer’s best friend. Not only exuding a pleasant woody scent to your home, lemongrass shall also repel these little vampires… Perfect for your barbecue evenings in the garden.