Pioneer in the manufacturing of fibreglass industry, Resiglas is an ISO-certified company with strong quality controls which has been equipping Mauritians’ homes with water tanks and swimming pools for over 60 years… A token of quality and reliability for your well-being, especially with the warmer days coming up!

Divided into 4 clusters, namely Resiglas Storage, Resiglas Pool Side, Resiglas Nautical and Resiglas Professional, the brand prides itself in providing not only a wide range of products to better meet customers’ needs but a high quality of life as well.

Exciting products for a blissful summer

Launched at the Grand Salon de la Maison et du Jardin, ‘Splash’ is the latest fibreglass swimming pool and spa model of Resiglas. Designed as a playful area with a large space and flat bottom, it promises merry moments under the sun with friends and family. 

For stressful days where you need to unwind, the plug & play spa ‘Spicy’ might just be the solution. 100% locally manufactured, it can be used on colder days as well, thanks to its controlled temperature. Along with a good book and some music, all you will have to do is sit back and relax!

Brighten your days thanks to the new polychrome water tanks of Resiglas. Available in white, black, grey, blue, green or khaki, customers can choose a product which matches perfectly with their home environment.

Splash Resiglas Spicy (1)

A proven know-how, at your service

Created in 1958, Resiglas positions itself as a trustworthy one-stop-shop experience for outdoor equipment in Mauritius. Under the recent impetus of the Aptis group, the company faces a new decade of positive momentum. This can be seen thanks to a newly refurbished showroom in Calebasses, and a brand new website as well. Fabien Harel, the Managing Director of Resiglas Co Ltd, points out:

“Anchored in our brand’s DNA, quality is no longer sufficient on its own. We put innovation and customer experience at the heart of our passion. Resiglas has a universal vocation: to offer moments of life to all those who trust us. We rigorously operate to make happy-hearted families, providing them with a more than genuine service, which therefore leaves them with peace of mind and long-lasting-products.”


Upgrade to a comfortable and refreshing lifestyle thanks to Resiglas!

For more information:
Address: Royal Road, Calebasses, Mauritius
Phone: 243 34 06