In an era marked by the importance of recycling, this concept is increasingly in vogue in the decorative arts. To embellish your garden in an original way, while keeping an eye on your expenses, use your obsolete objects and furniture: they will serve as the perfect allies for your outdoor plants!

Repurposed old drawers

Decorated to match your style, old drawers can be ideal for your plants and flowers to sit in your garden, on your terrace or on your balcony. A large enough plastic sheet inside the drawer can be filled with soil to hold your plants. Should you choose a chest of drawers, always start with the bottom drawers, and work your way up. Remember to water your plants regularly, without drowning them… This new garden planter will brighten up your garden in a unique way!

Bringing tyres back to life

A flat tyre? This is another opportunity to create an original planter in the garden. Laid on the ground, suspended, or stacked, the tyre – once cleaned, repainted, or decorated – can be used to shelter various types of plants or flowers. Be sure to add a base to the planter if it’s set down flat, otherwise the soil will not be retained! You might also want to drill a few holes in the tyre blanks to help it drain. If setting the planter on a lawn, covering the soil with mulch will slow down water evaporation and repel insects.

A twist to your tea set

No flowerpot handy? For a stylish and highly distinctive decoration, try upcycling your old tea set! Cups and teapots, once painted to match your tastes and preferences, can serve as pots for your succulents or mini cactus.