100% vegan, 100% healthy

Crunchy. Colored. And tasty. We willingly succumbs to the vegan trend with this quinoa salad in the colors of summer concocted by Peachy Tales.

Preparation: 30 mins.
Cooking time: 25 mins.
Ingredients for 1 pers.
● 100 g red and white quinoa seeds
● 100 g of butternut
● 50 g of Paris mushrooms
● ½ cup of nuts
● ½ cup of red grapes cut in half
● 1 cup ripe cherry tomatoes
● 1 lemon cut into thin slices
● ½ cup pitted black olives
● ½ cup peppers cut into cubes
● 1 green or red apple
● some fresh basil leaves
● 100 g sliced ​​pie and sauted in the pan
● olive oil

For the vinaigrette: 1 tbsp. to s. ground mustard, 2 tbsp. to c. honey, 1 pinch of salt, 1 tbsp. to c. balsamic vinegar, ½ cup plain Greek yogurt without sugar.

1. Grill vegetables in nonstick pan. Reserve.
2. Add 1 tbsp. of olive oil in the pan and fry the quinoa seeds.
3. Pour a cup and a half of water and let it boil. Then, cover for 30 minutes.
4. For the vinaigrette, mix all ingredients and keep cool.
5. Dressing: put the quinoa on a nice plate, then decorate with vegetables, nuts, fruits and herbs. Pour the vinaigrette or serve it separately.

Source: Magazine Lacase No49
By | Marie GOUGES
Photo | Ejilen RAMASAWMY
Editing | Anoushka AODHORAH – PEACHY TALES