Something not too fatty or too sweet for the festive season?
Make room for detox water, the new trend of greedy girls!
Made of water, leaves and fruits, they taste marvellous with few calories! A minimum of one hour to the fridge is necessary to flavour the water, but two to three hours make the taste ideal. The more it is refreshing. Perfect for summer!
Additional benefit? The detox water, apart from being delicious, is naturally full of good things. Compose of mostly water, it encourages us to hydrate ourselves (and has a diuretic aspect). Moreover, fruits, vegetables and various leave help us to take vitamins throughout the day.

Our tested and approved receipts:
● Strawberry/kiwi.
● Cucumber/mint/lemon.
● Strawberry/lemon/mint.
● Honey/thyme.
● Apple/cinnamon.

However be careful: do not keep your detox water for more than two  three days!