• 100 G of sugar • 130 G of flour • 130 G of soft butter • 1 coffee spoon of powdered vanilla • 200 G of dark chocolate • 150 G of whisked fresh cream • 1 pineapple • 100 G of banana.

Cut the pineapple and banana into small pieces and cook in two saucepans with 30 G of sugar. Meanwhile, prepare the crumble paste: add butter to the flour, vanilla and the remaining sugar.
Place the paste on a plate and cook at 180°C for 10 minutes.
Melt the chocolate and mix delicately with the whisked cream.
Pour the chocolate mousse in a pastry bag. Put a bit of banana compote in a glass jar, then the chocolate mousse on top, then add pineapple compote and finish with some crumble.

Source: Panorama
Receipt: Chief Ashvin Nundlaul from the Meridian.