Are you looking for spooky recipes to scare your guests at your Halloween party? LaCase,mu has prepared two cocktails with affordable ingredients to add a delicious and scary touch to your décor.

Trick or treat?

Bloody Temples recipe:

Ingredients to prepare the Bloody Temples cocktail:

  •        Sprite or Tonic Water
  •        Raspberry/cranberry syrup
  •        Red food colouring
  •        Syringe


1. Mix the food colouring with the syrup

2. Use the syringe to suck the mixture

3. Place the syringe into the glass

4. Pour tonic water or sprite into a glass

Tip:  You may also “inject” some syrup into the drink for a “blood” illusion

The Bloody Temple

Magic Potion recipe:

Ingredients to prepare the Magic Potion cocktail:

  •        Coconut Water
  •        Pineapple juice
  •        Tonic water or soda
  •        Food colouring (Red or purple)
  •        Dry Ice


1. Pour coconut water into a glass

2. Add some pineapple juice

3. Add some soda or tonic water

4. Add a drop of food colouring

5. Add carefully the dry ice cubes (they will float)

The Magic Potion

Tip: You may ask an ice-cream shop for some dry ice.

LaCase wishes you a happy and spooky Halloween!