Since 2007, Raymark has been bedecking your exterior. Whether it’s a swimming pool, a veranda, or simply your garden, this local company has the solution to beautify these spaces, while adding comfort to them. As summer smiles upon us, we dream of a well-deserved holiday and rest. And given today’s circumstances, what could be better than a moment of relaxation at home, in complete serenity! Should you choose to sunbathe by the pool or go for a good family BBQ in your garden, you will find plenty to suit your needs at Raymark.

Specialising in outdoor furniture, the company will seduce you with its various models for your green space. Its range of products, aimed at individuals, hotels and businesses, includes sunshades, dining tables, chairs, deckchairs and hammocks.

Excellence at an affordable price

“Our strength is that we offer quality materials, but at a price that meets our customers’ demands. We focus on our service. We are reactive and attentive to our customers, so that they feel confident in their choice on the journey with us“, Jean Raymond Lamusse, the company’s manager..

Thanks to its experience, the Mauritian company stands out for the considerable choice and quality of its materials. Polypropylene, aluminium, wood and rattan, all are carefully selected to offer customers a final product of superior quality, comfort and refinement.

Mauritian style furniture

As the summer period often lends itself to renovation projects, Raymark says it is ready to meet the expectations of the local market, and its demand for outdoor furniture. In addition to excellent products, the management also focuses on after-sales service to help customers in search of replacement parts for their sunshades or other furniture.

Seeking solutions for your exterior? A little detour to Raymark is a must… Let yourself be seduced by their product lines and enjoy the convivial atmosphere like never before!

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Phone : 248 9553

Address: Blychem Road, Fralex Complex 2, Riche Terre

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