They are small but devastating insects… Termites can wreak havoc on your house by damaging everything made of wood (such as the foundations or framework), or even plaster and other derived materials used in its structure. In some extreme cases, termites can even cause the collapse of a building.

It is thence deemed necessary to provide good protection to your house. Why not start from the very beginning, during its construction? The specialists of Terterra offers a reliable and effective preventive solution. Find out how…

What is Termifilm?

Termifilm is an anti-termite treatment par excellence that uses a polyethene film to prevent the intrusion of unwanted insects before the construction of a building. The latter is placed between the ground and the frame before pouring concrete of the foundations and paving the construction… All of this is done without disturbing the construction process!

This long-lasting solution restricts the access of termites to the masonry, preventing any infestation and weakening of the building. Termifilm is moreover respectful of the environment as well as of mankind, being the only product labelled as non-toxic and unharmful.

An undeniable effectiveness

Termifilm, implemented for more than 20 years now, has always been proven effective and reliable. It does not pollute the soil thanks to its patented process, consisting of the grafting of active molecules in the polyene. 

Also, in addition to a ten-year guarantee, Termifilm benefits from a CTBP + certificate for its treatment products. Established for more than 25 years, this certification—recognised by the technological institution FCBA —applies to wood preservation products and by extension to treatment and anti-termite products.

Robust, Termifilm also displays remarkable resistance to tearing and puncture. An efficient performance to assist you in building your house on a solid and lasting foundation.

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