A picture is worth a thousand words. And what a beautiful picture! The Salt of Palmar is the place to be, with a guaranteed change of scenery. Here, while entering a world of well-being and comfort, the stress is left behind at the entrance. Once the threshold crossed, the view of the pool – heated all year-round -, sets the tone… And the elegant pink wall, along with the attractive sky-blue water and the white furniture complete this dreamy backdrop.

Here, the bar – called Into the Blue – faces the sea and the cocktails served are inspired by the ocean. And as we are at the beach, the sun shines and radiates the obvious bright colours. For instance, the yellow tones bring peps and awaken one’s senses. Camille Walala’s style and savoir-faire, with dynamic and graphic lines, is irresistible. It sparkles… it is modern… It is beautiful.

Make foreigners connect with local people and discover the real Mauritian culture. Salt of Palmar is more than just a transit point.

It is a bridge connecting people to each other. “We have placed story guides in every room, enabling guests to discover not only the main tourist attractions but places which deserve recognition as well. Our goal at Salt is to showcase our culture”, says the Sales and Marketing Manager, Sharonne Maulette. A way to explore the island differently… The hotel did not hold back, taking care of everything from A to Z.

Local know-how is valued and revealed… Many Mauritian artisans have been involved to express how much one can surpass him or herself and achieve excellence when given the means. While the glasses and ceramic cups reflect the work of Janine Espitalier-Noël, the rattan furniture was produced by Mawlabaccus and Said Moosbally.

While the naturally-made cosmetic products, which is found in all of the rooms, are manufactured by Nathalie Marot, the hearts of palms are grown by Soobiraj Bhaugeerutty. The hotel features the Mauritian identity. A plural nation with a common destiny. A sweet Mauritian fragrance emanates the Salt of Palmar, which hosts a total of 59 rooms, divided into five categories. Camille Walala – an artist with a distinct panache- was entrusted with the decoration. A playful and colourful style, with graphic frescoes. She likes to create “spaces where people can have a good time”.

Camille Walala likes to play with colours… It is her way of colouring the often dark world we live in. Her works, from the floor to the ceiling, are just fantastic. They have a childish spirit, create emotions and draw attention, thanks to their games of “patterns”, shapes and materials. She gracefully combines the horizontal with the vertical… A masterpiece.

A little further, by the other bar of the establishment – called The Land -, a playful game with strokes and lines can be seen. The graphic forms of the wooden separation give the most beautiful effect… The design touch which makes the difference. The contemporary pendant lights – of various shapes and sizes – and their concrete effect are very appealing. As for the sofas, they will entice you to curl up and have a sip. Also, anyone will be delighted with the rounded coffee tables which echoes the wooden separation circle.

Between sky and sea, the ocean is seen from above. The bar which allows us to touch the sky is called The Clouds. Ideally located on the roof of the hotel, it offers breathtaking 180 ° views. The East Coast unveils its shades of blue. A unique experience. We immediately fall for this so-cosy and so-colourful spot, This picture-perfect scene where everything looks splendid. The decoration blends in with the landscape. Without any mishap. The Clouds is surrounded by discrete plants which stretch high up for an effect of zero gravity.

The room is beautiful because of its simplicity. It has a charming minimalist style, with the advantage of facing the ocean. It opens onto a small balcony which allows you to admire the panorama. Two bay windows let in the light which accentuates the immaculate side of the walls and bedding. The cushions, pillows and the rusty armchair add up colours to the room without doing too much either.

Do you love the sun? Enjoy it further by lounging on the sunbed, placed on the terrace of the room. A little piece of freedom and escape… Alone in the world, with the sea and the endless blue sky. Every nook and crannies of Salt is stylish. No detail has been overlooked: the turquoise sunbed, with its white and black graphic lines, prove it. Furthermore, the refined bathroom has an orange wall for a dose of vitamin in the shower.

The Salt is aptly named. The spa is dedicated to the pink salt of the Himalayas, with a myriad of benefits. This temple of well-being has a relaxation room made entirely of salt, with its walls and floor covered with the precious ingredient. This product comes from the core of the Earth and is rich in trace elements, micronutrients and minerals, which deeply purify the cells and help in eliminating accumulated toxins. The spa offers a range of salts beneficial to the body.

If salt is the main ingredient of the spa, the decor also has a stylish look, highlighted by the graphic touch of Camille Walala. The partition creates a graphic and light visual effect. Fluid, the decoration exudes a zen attitude. Turquoise, for the walls, is colour to embrace: it gives a chic design to the spa.