Located at Arsenal, the new headquarters of Evaco group redefines the codes and profile of the workspace.

During the day, the mirror effect, at night, a transparent surface.

Zoom on the heavy door covered with… copper.
With a height of more than three meters, it opens more easily due to an eccentric axis.

Each floor has its own terrace. The light shaft of the lobby has been installed on the second floor.

Window panes with mirror effect, recovery stone, metalized surfaces… A building all in right angles with architectural style.
This is the new headquarter of Evaco group at Arsenal. At the beginning, it had to be an additional administrative space to the factory of Evaco Construction, subsidiary of the group, which was already on the site. However, the concept evolved with time in order to gather the various works of the group. Its architectural design is the tuning fork of various achievements of the group – Domaine des Alizées or Villas Athéna –, characterized by their contemporary lines, their intermixing of materials and their use of space and natural light. But do not forget that we are a workspace, even if this one is quite unusual.

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Exit all small, cramped and badly lit rooms. Make room for a modern and sophisticated building where each floor is defined by its own colours and materials; make room for offices which take into consideration concepts of ergonomics and circulation.
Lighting in offices is optimized according to working conditions while releasing a felted atmosphere. In offices, embedded spots – primarily in LED, for energy efficiency -, are above working stations.
And with presence detectors, the lights are switched off when no one is in the room. Modernity is also present in the set of volumes and transparency, which we can fully see once in the lobby. Lit by a tinted window panes and a light shaft, this area is the heart of the building, letting to see the mezzanine and the three upper floors. The project architect, Amaury Desvaux de Marigny, from Ten Fingers Architects, explains: “With the horizontal bearing with double volumes and vertical circulation, we get a revisited open space.” Or almost. If there are partitions remaining, they are transparent, to facilitate exchanges and cohesion within the team, suggests Marine Juillan, interior designer.
The artistic concept is done by Xclusive Concept, which used modern furniture, functional and elegant, on oversize suspensions tailor-made manufactured for being able to live in oversized spaces, like the lobby. The result? Offices make you want to work…

Modernity is found in the mixture of materials: recovery stone, profusion glasses, but also asbestos cement. It looks like wood but it is strong like cement.

Black tiles on the floor, stone walls, maximum pots, metallized accessories: the lobby is fascinating. Out of field, the architectural elements come in version XXL version, with the bay windows, the suspensions and the amazing setup, on the right.
A stone fish lit by a blue light brings some local colour.

Welcome in the lounge reserved for meetings in convivial mode. It can even be mistaken for a “private English club”, with its dark coloured furniture, its glowing bar, its boat deck woodworks and its cosy lighting. But the opposite offices bring back reality! Their transparent walls are decorated with frosted glass stickers at the bottom. The best compromise for a better focus… The setup of these partitions need technical skills to support the windows which go from the floor to the ceiling.

The lobby, seen from mezzanine. From here, we have the full measurement of the space and the various sources of natural light, as well as the light shaft.

The office of the chief executive director of the group,
Arnaud Mayer, is in another side.
A cube supported by two columns, at the entrance… We cannot miss this telescope view mounted on tripod, which he preserved in the office, when the H.G of Evaco was at Grand-Bay.
Another perculiar object: the propeller fixed to the wall. Being an aviation lover, the DG brought from a trip. The metal object has also been subjected to a special treatment to obtain this frosted effect which does not spoil the dark parquet floor, leather sofas or diffused lighting…

A subdued environment for this posh boardroom
with luminous points is directed towards the working table. If we barely notice the flat screen on the back wall, it is because the bronze mirror has all the attention. Chosen at the beginning to compensate the restricted size of the room, it becomes an asset of the decoration. To obtain this world map motif,
the mirror silvering has been sanded.

Source: Magazine Lacase No42
Report | Christine DECOSTA
Photos | Karl AHNEE