Facing the indigo horizon and the mangroves, the Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa is located in the remote and picturesque North East region of the island. Elegantly positioned, the hotel is an invitation to escape and join the serenity of the ocean.

Elegantly decorated in a refined and contemporary style and a few minutes from the beach, the 160 rooms, suites and residences of Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa offer an exceptional living experience. The concept of the hotel complex is driven by community life for sustainable development. Therefore, both permanent residents and seasonal tourists can discover a better way of life.

Everything is well thought out in order to make community life more dynamic and sophisticated. The market place, wisely situated in the heart of Azuri, is a common space which is always lively and animated. The three restaurants, bars, and delicatessen shops contribute to provide an exquisite lifestyle. The proposed amenities and the equipment align with the international norms for an absolute comfort.  Every detail contribute to create an idyllic environment.

L’Azuli, the restaurant that honours seafood and reflects the spirit of Azuri Resort, is always brightly illuminated. It is so well designed that the interior blends perfectly with the outdoor decoration to create a peaceful atmosphere. The harmonious chic deco, signed by ID/VK Design Ltd, reminds us of the sea and the immense glass windows of the restaurant incite us to admire the ocean as far as the eye can see.

Here, there is a breath of freedom and peace of mind. Tables and chairs are made out of light wood species which provide a feeling of well-being and a refined setting where you can enjoy dishes inspired by Mediterranean flavours. The chairs, upholstered with a blue fabric, is a nice reminder of the sea which is never too far when you are at Azuri. The walls, painted in a sand colour, provide a feeling of openness and add a fresh touch to the environment. The soothing colour blends perfectly with the white curtains.

Although Azuli is resolutely contemporary, some aspects of the decoration remind us of a glorious past. The black and white tiled floor is a souvenir of the beautiful colonial residences of the island. We are marvelled by the beauty of the suspended metal “bird cages” which trap the light inside and which encourage you to stay and have a rest.


Wooden lofts, with light-coloured beamed ceilings, lead us to believe we are under the sump of an overturned boat. We love the oversized suspended “birdcages” which provide more height to the space.


In the lobby, you have a declining view of the sea that is never too far. The large shell paintings, spreading over a surface of the wall, echo the three ceiling decorations made out of a variety of shells painted in pearly pink.

If the decor is sober and chic, it is however well thought-out. The beige colour of the lobby expands the space. The upholstered sofa calls for a nap. Two rattan armchairsand a metal coffee table complete the decor.

The lobby gives access to a floor, a small cosy lounge and a library. The hard-wearing synthetic rattan or fabric chairs, the wooden library, the wooden floor… are all coloured in a light-shade which provides a peaceful atmosphere. The iron stairway and the glass parapet bring a touch of modernity without overloading the space.

Le Comptoir, the restaurant overlooking the pool and the sea, is the perfect setting to enjoy the local and international cuisines. The thatch roof emphasizes the charming aspects of islands. The wooden parapet looks similar to those of the large patios of colonial houses. The blue pillows compete with the blue sky or with the indigo sea. The bar’s transparent plastic stools give the impression of hanging in the air.

TheOcean One Beach Club & Restaurant invites you to set sail and let yourself be carried by the sea. The blue and red striped pillows and the hard-wearing synthetic rattan chairs bring out the seaside atmosphere. The stone wall adorns the room. It is enhanced by beautiful round-shaped mirrors that reflect the natural environment.

We shift styles but we keep the same spirit. The Ocean One Beach Club & Restaurant, located on the hotel beach, provides the opportunity to sip a glass and savour a wide range of culinary delicacies… so close to the sea you can touch it.

There is a very beautiful harmony between the charm of old and modern decoration. The lime kiln opens on the inside of the restaurant. Comfortable chairs create a cosy atmosphere, enhanced by the stones, the filtered light and coffee tables made from a tree trunk.

In the afternoon, at the foot of the lime kiln, you can watch the beautiful sunset. From its top, you can enjoy an aspect of its history while having a better view of the lagoon. We can laze around and admire the panoramic view.


The Radisson Blu brings particular attention to its rooms. They are spacious, well decorated, sober and bright. The selection of colours is not trivial. In the Ocean Deluxe Room, the beige colour of the walls provides a calm feeling and blue colour of the pillows reminds us of the blue colour of the ocean that we can admire from the terrace.

The very trendy capitonné headboard, as for it, brings comfort and charm to the room. We are all seduced by the bathroom as well. The large pristine-white bathtub is an invitation for relaxation. The off-white tile, the wide windows and the walk-in shower outlines a minimalist style, combining contemporary aesthetics and functionality. We love it!

Spacious Prestigious Deluxe rooms, with large glass windows, offer a view over the garden, the sea and the mangroves. The fine interior design of the room reminds us, once again, of the sea through the blue and coral colours of the bedding and the paintings of an underwater sceneries. We love the small reading area where you can sit in a rattan chair beside an auxiliary table and a lamp. All this is outlined by a sand-coloured wallpaper.

The Prestige Deluxe room includes a covered terrace and a private pool. The terrace is covered with a thatch roof, supported by white wooden beams, which underlines the beauty of tropical charm.

Source: Lacase Magazine No 48
Documentary | Michel ALPHONSE
Photos | Jean-Noël AH KEE