Thinking about a makeover for your house? Refurbishing your cupboards and your drawers to make your life easier? C.K.Tang & Co Ltd, well-known expert when it comes to building and kitchen materials, as well as fittings, hinges and other accessories, is here to help you out (even during the lockdown). Improve the comfort of your home, your workspace or your kitchen with the aesthetic and practical storage solutions of the brand Blum

For a practical and functional workspace

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies are adopting the practice of working from home. While you may get used to this new way of living, you are surely wondering: when the confinement ends, how can you optimise your workspace, and make it more pleasant? Thanks to Blum’s convenient pull- out shelf lock things could not be easier. Pull out shelves are locked in position exactly where they are needed, be it in the kitchen, living room or office space. They easily adapt to the room, help you in saving space as well and everything is cleared away in no time.

For a purposeful and delightful kitchen

As the pivotal living space of your home, a well-equipped kitchen is an absolute must. This is why the Austrian brand Blum provides you with the best solutions to make it as resourceful and comfortable as possible. Thanks to innovative storage systems, such as the Legrabox drawers, say hello to a functional, yet elegant kitchen.

For an ingenious, unhindered living space

Merging the kitchen and the living room to obtain an extended convenient living space is one of the most popular trends in Europe and Western countries. The more spacious it gets, the more comfortable it is… And with Blum’s Aventos lift systems, it becomes even more functional as well! Easing access to your kitchen equipment, while keeping the facades away, you get to roam around freely. Wall cabinets can be left open without hampering your movements, and with the pocket system, you may open entire spaces when you need them and simply close them when not in use.
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With 13 years of experience under its belt, CK Tang & Co Ltd is the sole official distributor of the brand Blum in Mauritius. The company puts its know-how and professionalism at your service to simplify your life. To offer you even more choices, CK Tang & Co Ltd plans to open a new showroom in Jin Fei in June 2020. While waiting for the national deconfinement, the expert is here to support and advise you remotely, on the phone or on its Facebook page.

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