Let us open the doors of the past and reconnect with history… The one honouring our country and the know-how of the men who constructed colonial houses. A new home proudly stands at Mont Piton, built to meet the highest of standards.

It is quite astounding. So many things seem to have been there for years, and yet, it’s construction began only two years ago. Stone after stone and plank after plank, the pieces of the puzzle assembled to deliver an impressive result, exuding æsthetics in every detail.

Entering this house switches the atmosphere to one of another era… It possesses a real soul. We are deeply touched; each room has a great story to tell. Doors, boards and floors make us go back in time. As soon as we enter the house, the mood is set with this antique ceruse yellow dresser designed by Tibetan artisans.

This home, which proudly stands on the heights of Mont Piton, has a beautiful and moving story to tell.

A story made possible thanks to the boundless passion of Shane and Jérôme Pilot. The owners have embarked on a huge journey, armed with the desire to revive our heritage and to honour the colonial architecture. They went in search of old planks and of old abandoned mansions to build the house of their dream. The result is simply sublime. “This proves that we can build vintage houses with noble materials. We used teak shingles, while the floor and the beams are made of Makak wood. We also used Matte Wood and Apple Wood. The architectural heritage of the island is very important to us. This legacy is unfortunately lost and it is our way to pay tribute to it,” says Jérôme Pilot. Building such a home “while respecting today’s comfort” is almost unfeasible. This Herculean work was made possible thanks to the know-how of Mauritian craftsmen and artists, with great respect of the materials.

Shane Pilot, interior designer, has been dedicated for two years to construction projects (in the golden ratio) delivered as a turnkey property. “This job is like giving birth to a child whom you accompany to become a work of Art. It also brings life to noble materials and to the mauritian architecture, ” adds Shane Pilot. The house, which she affectionately nicknamed La Bienveillante, provides peace of mind and serenity … A house designed to let energy circulate and recharge. Gather memories to create a beautiful reality.

This house allows a free circulation; the energy it releases follows its flow. A successful blend of colours and materials. The exposed beams on the ceiling are impressive, adding boldness to the room. We immediately realise that it has a history. However, everything is not old. The armchairs and crystal chandeliers come from Nature Verte Maison  and the sofa is the work of a local craftsman. The library, from Récup’Ère, Entre Terre et Mer, stretches over a whole section of the wall to complete the picture.

A fusion of styles and eras. The table – repainted in white – finds its place in the corner of the dining room: a family heirloom furniture. The central and side table are also vintage but have been repainted in contemporary colours. The wooden and wrought iron suspension, as well as the chairs,  come from Lifestyle while the cupboard was bought at the shop Joglo. Refined, the room has a beautiful harmony of colours.

The colonial architecture offers a fulfilling outdoor living experience as well. It seems hard to leave such a wide and spacious terrace once ensconced there. A space to relax, escape, restore … Different universes together forming a harmonious whole.

While some pieces of furniture are of family legacy, others come from Nature Verte Maison and Joglo. Other accessories such as photophores are from Macumba. The polished concrete floor accommodates cut stones, whilst the ceiling holds wood from ancient houses.

The room’s decor is just fascinating, seeming like it comes from another era. Each and every detail counts. Beauty emanates, from the planks on the ceiling to the waxed floor; the two dark areas enhance the clarity and elegance of the walls. For the bedside tables and the chest of drawers, they have been drawn to match the period style and blend with the decor. The linen and the headboard, as well as its pastel floral cushions,  make us go back in time. The lamps, with their dim lights, create a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

Nothing else could be more colonial. This room wins on all fronts. A headboard of yesteryear made of fabric and wood. Bed linen in natural tones. Planks which make up the wall. And the spiral staircase manufactured by a local craftsman. Everything here takes us back to the past. And the light effects, broadcasted by these beautiful lamps from Piment Rouge, produces a cosy atmosphere, inviting moments of sweet reverie.

The bathroom – which stretches out in length – has a more contemporary look with Sébastien Layduhur ceramics furniture from Récup’Ère, Entre Terre et Mer.

Tones of grey reveal a modern touch while keeping it sober… A style dear to Shane Pilot. On one side, the room opens onto the veranda, and on the other, to a bathroom which leaves us speechless. Some furniture in this room – the wardrobe and the pedestal – belonged to the decorator’s grandmother. The stylish armchair is from Tutti Frutti and bedside tables can be found at Nature Verte Maison. The lamps – from Macumba – mounted on pebbles have the most beautiful effect.

Source: Magazine Lacase No 57
Reportage – Michel Alphonse
Photos – Jean-Noël Ah Kee et Ejilen Ramasawmy