Wastewater treatment… Today, the pioneer company Audax Ltd plays a leading role in this activity, stimulating practices such as recycling, the reduction of water consumption, the protection of water and, as an aftermath, the preservation of the environment. Discover this provider of water-treatment stations.

Expertise and dedication for an efficient service

With its extensive professional experience, Audax has been providing numerous wastewater treatment plants for private customers, businesses and development projects for 20 years now. Through committed and dedicated employees, the company operates with panache in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean region, providing support to its customers – from the design stage to choosing adapted technologies, the implementation and training on automated systems, and the maintenance of these stations.

A reliable service and happy customers

While quality and customer satisfaction are at the heart of Audax’s philosophy, Patrick Rey – the director – takes pride in offering the widest choice of technologies in water treatment in Mauritius… This enables maximum efficiency for each project and each specific need. Audax also offers tailor-made solutions, reinforced by the experience gained over the years, as well as its collaboration with several international business partners.

Hence, Audax uses state-of-the-art technology as a token for best performance, it adapts to any space and type of wastewater for its treatment plants to operate optimally and efficiently. Proactive, this company also ensures that everything works consistently while respecting the needs of its customers. This prevents unnecessary installation and the use of an obsolete treatment station, which incur additional costs.

Looking for quality service for your wastewater treatment? Audax is the right water specialist you need.

Address: Rue Ritter, Curepipe

Phone: 670 8100

Website: www.audax.mu