50 years already since our independence! On this special occasion, our national flag is the ultimate star. Here is how to proudly showcase its colours in your interior decor.

Red, blue, yellow and green. These bright and highly symbolic tones can be intimidating at first sight; especially if they’re your pick for a monochromatic decor. Here are 4 simple but remarkably efficient tips for you to pull off the monochromatic effect with a patriotic twist.

1. One colour, various tones

The look that is striking, but not too much; the key to mastering it is sticking to the chosen colour as much as possible, but to vary its intensity. For example, in a reddish palette, one can use bordeaux hues as well as brick red to associate bright touches to a colourful ensemble, but not in excess. The final result will be one of uniformity rather than giving off overdose vibes.

2. Tone it down with neutrals

Yes, even the more sensitive to colour can also give the monochromatic decor a try. There’s nothing simpler to achieve: tone down  the chosen colour with the help of fitting neutral tones, dark or light. It is then simply a question of associating colours according to their dominant undertones, whether warm or cool tones.

3. Accessorize at all costs

In decoration, the devil is in the details. Small touches bringing back the chosen colour are most welcome, as they will only help strengthen the character of the room and add in refinement.

4. Go bright, or go home

The more adventurous will, for their part, be tempted by more daring choices. They can then go all out with a total look of bright hues only, by matching paint, flooring, furniture and accessories for a singular and impressive finish.

Our favourites?

PIMENT ROUGE - Red sofa lacase.mu
YUNI - Set of chairs and table for children MALIDA lacase.mu
YUNI - Set of chairs and table for children MALIDA
SEVENS MEUBLES - Bottle vase 34L lacase.mu
SEVENS MEUBLES - Bottle vase 34L

You got it, our flag’s colours are as relevant and trendy as ever, and are perfect material for a monochromatic statement. All you need is to embrace them.