A healthy and pleasant interior goes hand in hand with taking good care of your floor! 

Undergoing many back and forth trips from each member of the family on a daily basis, your floor should be taken good care of to get rid of the dirt and dust encrusted after each visit. Tiles, parquet, waxed concrete or laminate, discover the different types of maintenance required for each type of floor.

Everything for your parquet…

Rags and mops are the best allies of your parquet. Whether it is solid wood, vitrified or laminated, if there is one thing you should absolutely avoid, it is to clean it with plenty of water.

Easy to maintain, it is strongly recommended to regularly remove dust with a vacuum cleaner, then to finish cleaning with a very lightly wet mop. For a shiny effect, or to restore its shine, use a suitable wax with the help of a cloth. This application is recommended at least once a month.

How about waxed concrete?

While its texture offers a unique style to your home, waxed concrete requires just as special maintenance! Indeed, this material remains sensitive to many abrasive chemical components, anti-lime products, or even acidic substances… Watch out for grandmother’s tips, such as vinegar, lemon or even bleach.

For daily cleaning, a broom or vacuum cleaner may be enough. On the other hand, as it tends to clog, it is recommended to wash it regularly. Opt for a product with neutral pH or linseed oil. 

For your tiles…

Very popular in Mauritian homes, tiling is a material that is easy to clean and maintain. In order to prevent dust from piling up, one must sweep or vacuum it before washing it. It is not recommended to use waxes or oily soaps for cleaning the tiles.

Over time, the joints between the tiles tend to blacken… Take a small brush and target these vulnerable places with a suitable solution. Opt for dishwashing liquid, white vinegar and water to clean the tiles and the joints without damaging them. If the joints remain yellow, apply a little hydrogen peroxide. Avoid detergents containing hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives.