Let go of the lockdown stress with some physical exercises! It will reinforce your physical and mental health. Here are our ideas for setting up a sports corner at home even if you don’t have any professional equipment.

Quit looking for excuses, nothing is holding you back for a little exercising at home. With the lockdown being extended until the 4th of May, you have one more reason to get started. Besides, practising some sports at home is an excellent way to kill time and stay in shape! Here are our tips for creating a dedicated corner.

1. All you need is a spot

For starters, you only need a corner space the room to create your little arena. For instance, the space between the sofa and the television is more than enough. Just remember that you need sufficient room to accommodate a yoga mat of about 50cm (essential for fitness training, body balance, stretching or yoga). Be mindful of your furniture corners.

2. Work with what you have

Not having sports equipment should not be an issue! You can still work out with what you have at hand. The living room rug or a thick towel can be your alternative yoga mat, and two water bottles of 1.5 litres are perfect to replace your dumbbells! You may also try to use a broomstick to tone your abs, correct your positioning and to do squats! The broomstick enables you to stay straight. Furthermore, use the wall to build your muscles (by doing the traditional pose of the chair); a coffee table for pelvic exercises (with your feet placed on it); or a chair (with dips).

Some tracks on YouTube :

With a broom:

With a chair:

With a coffee table:

3. Beware of the heat!

Steer clear of confined spaces while exercising.  Good ventilation is essential, regardless of being in the living room, bedroom, hallway or office. Do not hesitate to open a window or two and create draughts. Nothing better to take in some fresh air!

Create a special playlist with punchy songs to motivate you! This shall keep you going, along with some easy-to-download coaching apps, on your smartphone (Nike Training club, 7 Minutes Workout, etc).

4. How about some yoga?

Yoga and meditation can help a lot when it comes to coping with stress. Activities you should look into during this period of uncertainty. To practise these disciplines, you will need a quiet corner where you feel good (in a room or in the garden). It is very important to set up a corner protected from the comings and goings of those around you.

Another tip: accommodate your relaxation space with a decorative touch: oriental ornaments like Buddha Statues, inspiring thoughts hanging on the wall, or a simple candle. Equipment-wise, you will only need a mat (for yoga) and a cushion (for meditation).

The Internet is teeming with yoga and meditation sessions videos . Some tracks :

Yoga :

Meditation :