Stuck inside again because of the sanitary crisis, you may be wondering how you can get through this second lockdown a year later. Get rid of the anxiety, idleness and boredom… Here is a compilation of articles, sharing our best ideas to take your mind off things!

DIY projects

Immerse yourself into original and creative projects such as upcycling and “Do It Yourself” ! For instance, drafting home-made furniture and decorations will surely help time go by faster… And yield beautiful creations as outcome!

DIY – Creating wall suspensions:

Upcycling – A new lease of life to your furniture:

DIY – make your own candles:

Activities for children

While they may be happy to see you at all times during the lockdown, your children can quickly get tired of being at home for weeks. To make sure your little ones do not get bored, try entertaining them with some games, educational programs, and creative workshops!

To the kitchen!

Take advantage of this moment to try your hand at new recipes… If you are having trouble finding some ingredients you need, we can help you improvise! And how about a delicious and fresh smoothie to help you get through the sweltering heat?

Redesigning your space

Your routine changes during these days when locked inside. To create new habits for yourself during these weeks at home, do not hesitate to reconsider the arrangement of your living spaces! A reading corner to get away from it all… Teepees for your children… Brightening up your office at home… Or even setting a small gym area to stay fit… Here is all you need to know !

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Start gardening

While we are unable to fully enjoy the sunny days, we can take the opportunity to start gardening! An excellent excuse to stock up on your favourite vegetables right from your garden… Our advice for cultivating a vegetable garden as it should be!