Better energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials are the keys to a greener home!

Whereas traditionally home improvement is usually carried out during the festive season, the custom has changed. Now you can tackle your home renovations – in between e-mails while working from home! For eco-conscious homeowners who wish to start their own renovations, consider a green renovation. Here are some tips to do so…

Amazing eco-materials

Bamboos are on the rise in the construction industry… It is perfectly suited as flooring for humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Its beautiful, soft texture is very pleasant to the touch. In addition, this renewable material also provides protection against mould and heat.

An alternative would be the composite material. Made from wood residues and recycled plastic, it has the advantage of great stability and longevity. Though composite material has the appearance of wood, it has the benefit of not splitting or rotting… Which makes it a perfect solution for flooring, while also saving many trees.

Consider switching to renewable energy

When it comes to green renovation, clean energy is a must. The purpose is to reduce electricity and water costs. How to achieve this? Solar panels or photovoltaic panels can be installed on your house, as well as the use of low-energy and LED light bulbs. A rainwater harvesting system for gardening or cleaning purposes can also be very effective. Using eco-materials helps save energy and contributes to sustainable development. With some minor renovations, you will create a green house that minimises energy wastage.

The smart tip

Embrace DIY by restoring used furniture to life. If you own furniture made of high-quality materials such as wood or steel, you can work wonders with these pieces. Create a unique look for these old pieces from scratch by sanding and painting them.