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Good news for all deco lovers and home makeover enthusiasts. The Grand Salon de la maison et du jardin, cancelled in April because of the lockdown period, is back on! It is now on until the 28th of June 2020 at the Swami Vivekananda Centre in Pailles! A myriad of offers await, from crazy back-in business to clearance sales! Here are  some of the best highlights waiting for you.

What’s new at Kosi Xpanda

Have you ever heard of BiobiN™ Mauritius ? This container dedicated to processing organic waste is the latest pick that Kosi Xpanda will be presenting. In the spirit of sustainability, the goal of this concept is to divert the greatest possible portion of organic waste originally destined to end up in Mare Chicose, and convert it into fertile compost. How does this work? Any waste that is compostable is placed into an air-tight container. Oxygen is then introduced in this airtight environment to fast-track the composting process while avoiding undesirable smells and infestations of flies, rodents, cats and dogs that generally gather around non-airtight bins. BiobiN™ Mauritius offers a practical solution to small, medium and  large businesses, as well as hotels and local communities that generate organic waste and wish to actively participate in the sustainable development of Mauritius. Also new from Kosi Xpanda: toilets with an integrated shower head by the Ideal Standard/Armitage brand. Available in three different designs.

A contemporary aesthetic at Asimex Living

Looking for furniture with a modern design? Brighten and warm up your living spaces with contemporary and functional furniture by Kelebek. This brand known throughout the world boasts a wide range of products, including couches, dining tables, beds, wardrobes, and outdoor furniture. Find more about the products at Asimex Living’s booth.

Biodegradable pots by Uniworld

Discover crafty and eco-friendly flower pots that are entirely biodegradable. Stylish and durable, these pots are even UV-ray resistant, and are on sale at the Uniworld booth for a wide range of prices, from Rs 50 to Rs 2,500. A must-have!

Tectonic: Cooking 2 in 1

The 2 in 1 Steam Grill by UchiCook can simultaneously steam and grill your favourite food items, which will allow them to retain the most nutrients and flavour, while providing shorter cooking times. Once the grilling phase is over, drizzle a bit of water in the griddle and trap the steam in by closing the lid on it. This will make your dish even juicier and more tender. The non-stick grill surface also allows fat-free cooking techniques.The Steam Grill will be on display at the Tectonic booth. It can be used on direct heat, induction heat and other sources of high heat.

Océan: Soft and inexpensive towels

Discover an array of towels at discounted prices at the Océan booth, with a track record of 26 years of providing high-quality bath towels. They are available in various sizes and colours, to bring a touch of brightness and a hint of softness to your bathroom.

Well-equipped by E.A.L MAN HIN & SONS Ltd

Tillers for the upkeep of soil, or for agricultural purposes, silent power generators, lawn mowers and brushcutters. Discover these handy tools of the Honda brand at the E.A.L Man Hin & Sons Ltd booth. This family business, founded in 1961, which is the official importer and distributor of motor vehicles of the Honda brand (among others), is diversifying its activities to include consumer goods, with gardening machinery and water pumps among others.

Les Serres Sans Soucis, cacti’s paradise

Ever heard of Les Serres Sans Soucis ? This plant nursery produces decorative and ornamental plants, with no less than 500 different varieties of cacti and succulents. According to Directors Jean-Claude Fayolle and Angélique Maigrot-Fayolle, this 40 year-old collection is among the most beautiful ones for plants of the same species in the Indian Ocean. Les Serres Sans Soucis also produces orchids.

Timber Africa Ltd, or the heat of wood

Kiaat doors and floors. Teak furniture. Only the most noble of materials, wood, is being featured at the Timber Africa Ltd booth. Reason enough to warm up your decor.

New arrivals 2020 and exceptional offers from Teak World

Discover exceptional offers and new products at the Teak World booth. Dreaming of a beautiful bedroom to host a peaceful night’s sleep? The Gold Bed Set (photo), freshly arrived from Turkey is the must-have of the moment. It includes a King Size bed of 180 x 200 cm with compartments (compatible with mattresses of various thicknesses), 2 bedside tables, a dressing table with a mirror, and a wardrobe with 2 sliding doors and mirrors. Also new: the Collins Sofa Set which comprises three relaxing motorised sofas (6 seating places – 3, 2, 1). Its best features: an adjustable footplate and reclinable back, on top of having a comforting thickness, being soft, durable and robust, and able to hold up to 120 kg; it also features padded armrests and a microsuede cover that stands the test of time and is easy to maintain. The Collins is easily adaptable to any living space thanks to its neutral tones – Grey, Buff or Tan. Other surprises await at the Teak World booth. Shall we?

Contractplus Ltd, your guaranteed safety

This year Contractplus Ltd will debut one of its most advanced systems in fighting against Covid-19.In partnership with HIKVISION, the company will present its latest temperature-checking cameras. The system was designed to detect abnormal body temperatures, while reducing the level of stress in this process to a minimum for employees, clients and visitors. HIKVISION also went even further by adding another function to the camera to check whether the subject is wearing a mask or not. The system can potentially be integrated to existing NVRS (depending on specifications), thus bringing a comprehensive solution. Contractplus Ltd will also present its EZviz system to the public, which consists of smart doorbells, a WIFI changeover switch and light-up cameras that can be activated via the internet. You will, finally, discover the COLORVU cameras which allows an audience to see through the night in colour.

The art of dining according to Redline

Discover the fine dining essentials by TB Groupe Haute Coutellerie française at the Redline booth. Leader of the cutlery market in France, TB designs and manufactures high-quality french knives in ceramic and steel, as well as Laguiole products in stainless. We love it!

Casa Caso Ltd : Couches made for lovin’

The family business Casa Caso Ltd is the reference when it comes to tailor-made couches. Indeed, the brand offers a custom-cut service to all its clients so that they can find their ideal couch in a wide range of materials (cloth, leather, faux leather), colours and dimensions. Casa Caso Ltd, regular exponent of the Salon de la maison et du jardin, offers interesting prices, but never compromises on quality. Check out their booth, which will display classic and modern couches, but also other models with removable feet, and even recliners. A must-see!

Atlasware : Practical and sustainable

The now-famous isothermal water bottle by Atlasware keeps your drinks perfectly chilled for up to 24 hours, and just warm enough for 18 hours. Find your pick at the Atlasware booth in various colours and sizes (350 ml, 500 ml, 1 000 ml et 1750 ml) next to their Fridge Bottle and Oil Drizzler. The first bottle has a 1 000 ml capacity which, thanks to its single wall, keeps liquids at the perfect temperature in your fridge. The Oil Drizzler, with its steel beak, is also isothermal and will allow you to consume less plastic while avoiding disgraceful stains with its anti-drop system.

What’s new from Neetoo

The reliable Neetoo Industries will be presenting its latest product: the sectional swing garage door, with or without thermal isolation. The company that specialises in UPVC and aluminium openings, stainless steel handrails, security gates, and office furniture among others will offer its garage doors at competitive prices with a one-year guarantee (see terms & conditions) during the Salon.
More information
The Salon will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. everyday, and will close at 9 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. The entrance fee costs Rs 25 for adults, and entrance is free for children aged 0-12 years. Please note that strict sanitary rules will apply, including the mandatory wearing of face masks, temperature checks at the entrance and physical distancing is recommended at all times.
Source: Magazine Lacase No 65