With the fast-approaching winter, the softened temperatures, and a little less sun to brighten our days, our desire to change the decor of our house will sprout. Say goodbye to the curtains and summery tones… And hello to the growing need to spend our evenings snuggled on our sofa, reading a good book… Zoom on the 2019 winter trends which intend to twist our interior decorations…


Broc’Arty is a subtle blend of country house style with farm tables, caned and mismatched chairs, ceramic jugs and refined 20s interiors. This style sheds a light on vintage patina and precious metals.

Stone Age

The mineral craze keeps on  winning the hearts of deco-addicts… For 2019, the trend stresses on black, white or green marble for the flooring accessories or coverings. Do not miss the major comeback of the terrazzo, a mixture of granite stone which allows several colour arrangements.

The Green Fir colour

2018’s trendy duck blue gives way to green fir. This vibrant colour blends seamlessly with terrazzo. Dare and paint an entire wall or give it a shot on a velvet sofa … So chic! Downplay the setting with green plants,  which add more conviviality.

Black Magic

Black is another trendy colour to lay your hands on  this year! Yes, you read it right ! Opt for a matte version for your floor coverings or a wall. If this colour scares you, you may mix some strong pieces of this shade for a very contemporary finish.

Ethnique boheme

Say no to overflowing colours… The bohemian theme should be neo-ethnic: rattan, tribal prints, ceramics, and naive paintings are at the heart of this trend… The perfect combo? Natural hues, why not, enhanced with black or mustard yellow, mixed with cacti or pampas flowers …

If you feel chilly, find the accessories to warm you up …