This year, one must nurture nature. And not just outdoors. It is even possible without exterior green spaces, for those who would like to get closer to nature, or become one with it. Here are the main trends to bring in the outdoors, regardless of your gardening level.

Pots for the most hesitant

The pot is making its great come-back as a decorative element, while maintaining a vintage aesthetic aspect. Whether it’s made of plastic, in tune with the decor, of clay, or with singular patterns which stand out, potted plants are a must.  

They can be displayed in two ways.

In the kitchen: With a mini aromatic herb garden which combines practicality, ecology and retro aesthetics. Perfect to make you score points across all boards.

In the living room: Bet on potted plants with style  as they require low-maintenance.

Flash news. Cacti are also back, as miniatures or in life-size, to make amateurs of minimal effort dream big.  

In a bubble, for enthusiastic novices

Plants which breathe and almost seem to float. It is one of this year’s main trends to incorporate plants to a decor while conserving a pristine look.

The terrarium: The trend of having plants in diverse transparent glass containers, filled with pebbles, soil and moss, to allow the chosen species to thrive – although this technique is particularly flattering for succulents.

Suspended as in Babylon: Whether you opt for  plants in glass bubbles to be hung, or pots suspended in macrame, they will bring an aerial touch to your interior.

Almost a garden, for those with a green thumb

It is the opportunity to free your soul as a landscaping artist and apply your gardening techniques to ideas which set the seeds and decor… Through these two leading trends.

The conservatory: With big volumes and lush plants to enhance your space. Bring back warmth to colder days with an abundance of tropical plants – ficus, ferns and other lemon trees – in stylish big pots.

The mini-greenhouse: Because the devil lies in details. The concept of a mini-greenhouse lays, first and foremost, in minute details to bring back nature in subtle touches.

All these trends bringing the outdoors back in are all the more reason to view life in green. To help you design your own decor, here are some products :

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MACUMBA - Rattan pot holder
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