Following this year’s tough winter, we are looking forward to the summer. Needless to say, summer is always a time for creating a lovely, well laid-out garden at home. 

An attractive, colourful garden filled with summer plants is a pleasure to grow in the open air. Let’s take a walk through some of the best ways to shape your garden.

Which flowers to choose?

For starters, keep in mind plants which are more suitable for our tropical climate: roses, petunias, carnations, geraniums, zinnias, etc. You do not have to prepare a fully fledged garden plan in advance, but there are a couple of spots in the garden that will brighten up your desires.

Since there is more sun in summer, the land dries out more quickly than in winter. By mulching the soil, you can protect it from drying out. This will mean that you will have to water less often. Furthermore, soil coverage inhibits the growth of weeds. For this reason, you should also weed less often.

Fertilisers and nutrients

Summer plants require nutrients to grow and thrive. You can achieve this, by mixing a liquid fertiliser with the water you feed to the plant. Be sure to carefully examine which manure is suitable for your plantation or rose bush. Quantities are often indicated on the packaging. Always follow the prescribed formulas.

An important trick for long term blooming of your summer flowers is to remove the wilted flowers from the plants. For instance, if you have a hydrangea with a number of wilted flowers, it is not a pretty sight. For thicker branches, you can trim with pruning shears. For thinner branches, it can be done perfectly by hand. Give careful consideration to the best way to remove the flowers from your plant.

The most important point? Plants are living creatures that need love!