Nowadays, cement is more and more trendy and resolutely contemporary. It has countless uses, namely for interior decoration. If you wish to set up walls and floorings with a unique style and personality, Cemtech is the specialist you need!

 An immense passion for cement… This is what makes Cemtech provide you with the best craftsmen for your home. The company works closely with international partners to offer tailor-made solutions and products and turn your home into the haven of happiness you’ve always dreamed of.

Cement tiles

Stemming from a 200-year-old tradition, cement tiles are handcrafted from raw materials such as cement, sand, pigments and additives. So much more than just decorative products, cement tiles also hold a soul thanks to the expert hands of the craftsmen who design them.

Its added-value? It is a green, eco-friendly product created from basic natural components. With a time-honoured no-bake method, the cement tiles are a truly eco-friendly alternative.

Ventilated blocks

Manufactured with top-quality materials and with a concern for optimal refinement, the ventilated blocks (Claustra) are made accordingly to the model and the colour you order. They bring a sense of privacy to your home, while adding depth and pattern like no other. 

These screen blocks are a perfect solution for creating privacy for rooms, patios, garages, pool areas, etc. Its design allows the air to circulate keeping the area cool during the summer.

Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo, which has made a strong comeback in recent years in decors and makes it possible to create exceptional floors. Thanks to the very wide range of stone models and colours available, you can personalise your interior as you wish with real and durable terrazzo. 

“Our mission is to support and offer products and finishes by craftsmen, out of the ordinary, and to highlight their know-how in order to offer our customers unique and exceptional finishes”, concludes Marc Rey, director of Cemtech.

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