Working from home is hard when you have children… And finding new ways to entertain them can be stressful as well. During this global health crisis, while we are all stuck at home, parents are responsible for their children’s education and leisure activities all day long. A huge challenge, especially for those who have to work at the same time! Here are some tips to help them escape boredom!

For the smaller ones: put their brain to work!

Although they are not attending school, you can still find some activities for your kids to rack their brains. For instance, you can create a creative playboard with a piece of cardboard, a hole punch and some strings. A few coloured lines as guidelines and voila! All they will have to do is threading their board with the corresponding colour.
Another original idea: playing with shadows. Map out several objects on a large sheet of paper and let your little ones guess where to place them. You can even make a mini treasure hunt out of it by hiding objects in safe places!

Learning while having fun

How about a little science project and some mathematical exercises? A sheet of paper and a little imagination is enough to teach them how to count. Start by writing the numbers down in columns. Below these figures, let your kids place the appropriate amount of beads, thumbtacks, or any other accessories that might do the trick.

For the chemistry lesson, you will illustrate a reaction between baking soda and vinegar. Put your gloves and goggles on and prepare to be amazed. Some specific guidelines:

  • Use vinegar and baking soda (about 4 to 6 tablespoons), as well as a plastic cup, tray, dishwashing detergent (one teaspoon), and paint. Clay, sand or gravel would be ideal to form a mound.
  • To conduct the experiment, you need to fill the cup with water until it is two-thirds full.
    Add the baking soda, dishwashing detergent and paint.
  • Form a volcano around the cup with clay, sand or gravel. Pouring the vinegar into the cup will cause your volcanic eruption!

Creative workshops

Entertaining them with what you have at hand! DIY activities (Do it yourself) should keep them busy for a good hour or two. To make little paper roll buddies, you will need rolls of toilet paper, paper and paint. Cut out various shapes, circles for the eyes, triangles for the hair, semicircles for wings… Anything can work!

Why not indulge in an Easter egg painting session? You will first need to empty your egg by drilling a hole at each end of the egg with the help of a pushpin. Then blow into one of the holes to empty it. You can also use another object such as a ping pong ball to avoid waste. Funny, but also practical, you can then use their masterpieces as decoration, or hide them in the garden (or in the house) to celebrate Easter.