For environment-loving souls out there, here are a few tips to keep a cool house this summer:

Close the shutters during daytime to prevent the heat from getting in. If you’re thinking about changing your shutters, do consider rolling shutters which will allow you to adjust the openings according to the temperature, or blinds – the blades of which help to regulate the heat whilst letting in the light.

Don’t forget to open your windows at night, since the temperature is lowest then..

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Do consider plants. Above and beyond being aesthetically pleasing, they act as a filter for the sun rays, thus cooling down the ambient temperature of the house. They even filter the air so that it gets more healthy and breathable, especially when mercury goes up.

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Use a mister. Water points are an extremely efficient method of natural air conditioning… Spraying water into the air with a mister manually is also very efficient.

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Hang up wet bed sheets in front of your window. If you have a balcony or terrace, you can also water a few spots on these spaces to enjoy the freshness exuded by the water.