A poorly ventilated house can end up being a real hotbed in summer. Here are some tips on how to purify the air in your home and reduce the heat level.

Keep the windows open, close the shutters

To avoid the stifling heat, the first practical step is to open your windows at night, when the temperature drops. This is also the best way to refresh the indoor air and expel all the airborne pollutants that circulate in it.

Once closed, your shutters prevent the heat from entering. Whether they are wooden shutters, blinds or roller shutters, they provide ideal protection against the sun’s rays. 

The golden rule is to always leave your ventilation grilles open. No matter how subtle it may be, it is essential for the proper ventilation of your home and contributes to your safety if you are using household gas.

The Power of Plants

In addition to purifying the indoor air, green plants are known to trap heat and release moisture. They are therefore a real asset when the temperature rises. You can opt for aloe vera or cactus, which require very little light.

You can also grow vegetation on your roof. This is a well-known technique of insulation against heat. The secret? Use heat- and sun-resistant species that also require little maintenance.

Change your bed sheets

Bed linen is a prime spot for dust mites. To purify your bedroom air, it is therefore advisable to change your bedding at least once a week and aerate your mattresses. As for the pillows, cotton – which is ultra-absorbent – is ideal for reducing the heat, while buckwheat is known to encourage the circulation of freshness.