How to make a handy desk organiser? It’s easy as pie! Gather a few pieces of wood, and follow the steps.

Items needed
3 pieces of wood ( 40 cm wide and 2 cm thick)
A drill
A jigsaw
A ripper

1. Glue two pieces of wood of 40 cm together. Let them dry and drill six holes for your pens and pencils in the center.
2. Cut four sections of the two pieces of wood at one end. Remove one section, and then space the remaining three segments. Glue on the third piece of wood of 40 cm and let it dry.
3. Use the ripper to create another slot on the other end of the planner; you can insert your mobile phone there.
4. Finally, rub off with sandpaper, paint as desired… and voilà!
4. Il ne vous reste plus qu’à poncer puis à peindre votre organiseur et le tour est joué.

Source: Magazine Lacase No 54
By Nathalie Jauffret-Rézannah de Dékodanz’art
Photo – Jean-Noël Ah Kee