Ageometric and cerused trend embraces this dining table. It finds a fresh start thanks to the expert hands of Loy Belle Oie.


A piece of plywood, white and grey chalk paint, a brush, a sander or sandpaper, varnish, a jigsaw, a screwdriver and screws.

Fabrication process

1. Old-fashioned, this dining table and chairs deserved a new look. Loy Belle Oie started by removing the completely damaged tray from the table. He then took the measurements and began to make a new octagonal tray.

2. Then he sanded the table and the chairs.

3. After adjusting the new tray to the table, he then polished the furnitures in shades of gray and white with chalk paint. A touch of matte varnish later, the dining table and chairs find a second life.

The final result

Source: Magazine Lacase No 57
By Kedvee Goinden
Photos – Ejilen Ramasawmy and Jean-Noël Ah Kee