Usually given as a gift, the lucky bamboo is a decorative plant that is used in interior design.

The lucky bamboo, braided or put into a bundle in an oriental pot, is a good piece for décor.
Considered as a plant that brings good luck, the lucky bamboo can be found at flower shops. In fact, it is a shrub and not a Bamboo plant. Its botanical name is the Dracaena sanderia, it grows in Cameroon and can reach up to 1.5 m for sprawling about 1 meter long. Growing upright, the plant produces stems like bamboo straws which gave it its vernacular name. According to traditions, the lucky bamboo brings luck and peace into your home. The number of stems means different positive concepts: 3 stems brings happiness; 5 stems, health; 7 stems, wealth; and 8 stems prosperity. According to the composition and the shape given by the horticulturist, it can be used to enhance a contemporary style and a classical environment.


Place the lucky bamboo near a light source without any direct sunlight. Do not expose this frail plant to less than 15°C, keep it in a warm environment during the day. The lucky bamboo is also cultivated in water. To keep the water clean, add a small piece of wood charcoal. A cultivation in a mixture of garden soil and breeding ground is also an option. Place a layer of clay pebbles at the bottom of the pot for a good drainage system. Trees planted in soil should not have roots that are constantly submerged under the soil. Watering it once a day is enough during winter. Fertilize the plant once a month regardless of any type of cultivation. Remove dust accumulated on the leaves with a shower or a damp sponge.


Multiplying this plant is simple; cut the stems into many pieces and then put them to root horizontally facing upwards on a substrate breeding ground lightened by sand. Make sure that the humidity is stable.

Source: Magazine Lacase No46
Par | Marie GOUGES