Splendid bulb flower, arum flowers are suitable for marriages and churches. It will be perfect in a big garden or in edges.

Arum belongs to the Araceae family which consist of nearly 25 species. This horizontal flower can reach a height of one meter.
These flowers are particularly beautiful and known to decorate churches and bridal bouquets. Exotic, it perfectly suit humid areas as the water rooms but will be also the ideal plant for your big garden, edges or in isolated bushes. White arum is the variety that can be found at Vaneron Garden Centre at Rs 200.

Arum is cultivated in a sunny and mid-shady place and in a well-drained soil, fresh and humid. Space the bulbs of 30 cm and plant them of approximately 5 cm of depth.

In pot, arum also blossoms and can flower a small area like a balcony, for example. However, this type of culture requires a regular manure contribution.
It is better to water it right at the beginning, without flooding the plants, and regularly throughout the flowering. When the flowers start to fade, it is necessary to cut them. This size will enable the plant to provide other flowers.

Roots decay, leaf spots are diseases which must be treated using a fungicide. In culture it is ideal to exterminate the sick plants and to proceed by the disinfection of the ground and gardening tools. Be careful of thrips, insects which transmit a virus to the arum. Plant shower and insecticide can help getting rid of them.

These flowers are marvellous, take some stems and put them in a beautiful vase before the blossoming ends!

Source: Magazine Lacase No38