February 2016 has been registered as the hottest month since the beginning of the temperature recordings in 1880*! And it is only the beginning of the year… The effect of global warming has never been so strong, and it is becoming more and obvious each day. The good news is that these effects can be countered by our goodwill. Even if we say that the example must come from the “above”, the protection of the environment concerns everyone, not only the State. Here are some easy and fun tips for an ecological garden: an alternative way to garden and create your own little piece of 100% green paradise.

Go for local plants

Exotic plants are often a way to diversify a garden. However, they require more water, chemical products and fertilizers than local plants. Go for indigenous plants that grow without any difficulty and naturally, in their natural environment.

Go for composting

Here is an excellent way to get rid of household wastes, do a sorting and protect nature. Making your own compost is easy, and can be practical. Install a supplementary dustbin and throw your biodegradable waste in it, like paper or fruit and vegetable skins. For better composts, favour banana, cabbages and calabash skins.

Plant less lawns

We all wish for a beautiful and green lawn… However, it requires tons of daily watering. Planting less lawn decreases our water consumption. It also enables us to favour indigenous plants that need less water and fertilizers. Instead of a simple law, you will have beautiful vegetation in your garden. Less lawn also mean less use of lawnmower.

Recycle used containers

If you live in an apartment or in a small space, create your garden in a vertical way! You will only need additional shelves, some soil, compost and used containers (plastic bottles, milk cans, tin cans…). You can put interior plants or aromatic herbs, like thymes or basilica, which will perfume the house. With some creativity and ideas, you will obtain a designed, trendy and vertical garden.

Watering cans

You do not know what to do of your used cans? Make watering cans with them! They are less bulky and lighter than traditional watering cans and water you plants in the same way. Some small holes in the lib and it is done!

Recovering rain water

Investing in a rain water recovery system is a lifetime investment. Indeed, it is a saving for your pockets as well as for Mother Nature! Place under your gutter, this recovery system equipped with a fibre that will collect rain water which will be used to water your garden. It can even be equipped with an irrigation pipe that will directly go to your garden.
Very practical, isn’t it?

Here are some good and simple practices for the planet… and for you wallet! Go ahead, convert yourself to green!

*According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States