A plant which is out of pot can lack nutrients with the development of the stem system. To give back energy to your plant, here are some repotting advices. When you remove the plant from its container, you will see that the roots formed a very dense network. Just disentangle them and vertically incise the roots. To ensure the recovery of the plant, give it a bath: soak the mound in a basin filled with water until you do not see any more bubble coming up.
Drain the future container to protect the plant from moulds. Place a layer of cray balls at the bottom of your drilled pot. The right thickness: 3 to 4 cm. To prevent the clay balls from mixing with the soil, cut out a permeable and rot-resistant felt of the same dimension as your container. Place it above the balls layer before adding a compost suitable for your plant. Fill the container to three quarter of its height. Plant the motte root by trying not to break it. The motte must be completely buried, not exceeding the surface of the compost. Furnish and pack the compost with two hands until the ground level reaches 2 or 3 cm from the top or bottom of the pot. Water well, but carefully! After the watering, the level of compost can drop: do not hesitate to supplement. Lastly, do not forget the mulching (shavings, slate spangles, grass mowings) which helps to maintain the freshness of the ground, to reduce watering and to limit the development of weeds.