The secret garden of Françoise Wiehé is such a mystery nested at the end of a dirt road at Ferret. A glimpse into her green world…

From the Northern Highway, who would have guessed that such a peaceful haven exists? At Ferret, Françoise Wiehé’s tree and flower garden is nested at the end of the modest track bordered with sugarcanes. Once the gate crossed, we are captivated by the beauty of the natural surrounding that wraps us into its soothing green mantle. At the end of a long driveway, on a patio overlooking the garden, Francoise Wiehé welcomes us with a warm smile.

Francoise and her husband have been living here for 45 years. The plot of land, covering a surface of 1.5 acres, was the backyard of the family house and the latter was already covered with trees. “When we built our home, we hesitantly entered the garden since we did not want to disturb the old yard”, she said. After cutting down a couple of trees and doing some landscaping, the house had naturally found its perfect location surrounded by fruit trees and blue bindweed flowers which look spectacular during summer. A haven of peace where we are craddled by the birds’ songs and the wind through the tree leaves.

Little by little, the couple has taken care of the garden. Especially by planting an “indigenous forest” with endemic trees such as “ bois d’olive”, “ bois de Judas” and Mahogany. We may also find an ebony tree and a “teckier”. “A garden, it’s like a life lesson, an ever-ending happiness since each day brings something new,” explains the mother of three and grand-mother of four grandchildren who support her passion for trees. “it’s a great pride and happiness to watch it grow every day”.

These lianas grew over the fruit trees that they coat with blue and yellow during summer. Impressively beautiful.

The double lilies, real eye candies.

The garden is adorned with branches and dried trunks and stems here and there. “A friend brought me some roots from Case Noyale and decided to use them to decorate my garden.” The latter are decorated with bromeliads and other orchids. Such a great idea.

Françoise Wieheit’s “indigenous forest” where we can find “bois d’olive”, “bois de Judas”, an ebony tree, and even a “teckier”. Each tree bear a tag with its name.

The old wooden cart is proudly enthroned at the garden’s entrance. It welcomes gold wells and other Impatiens (a genus of about 850 to 1,000 species of flowering plants, widely distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere and the tropics).

Our favourites

Like a star, Madagascar’s comet sprouts bravely on a Vacoas which looks like a Christmas tree.

Under the patio, the orchids, flowers for which Francoise has a great passion, immediately attract our attention.

Source: Magazine Lacase No49
Par Marie GOUGES
Photos Ejilen RAMASAWMY