Whether the climate waltzes between winter and summer, a garden in perfect bloom all year round is pure happiness. But this is not always possible, even for those with a green thumb. Lacase.mu offers you a list of easy-to-maintain flowers for every season.

Summer beauty

These flowers will bring cheer and colour to your outdoor living space. They turn towards the splendour of the summer sun and spread a warm atmosphere.
  • Sunflowers

Perfect for warm weather, these flowers absorb the sun’s rays. They do not need a lot of space to grow and are perfect for embellishing your garden landscape.

  • Alœ Vera

This plant has its full place in your garden. It has many healing qualities, which makes it incredibly popular with people living in warm climates. You cannot help but enjoy it.

  • Bougainvillea

One of the most beautiful plants of the summer. It is incredibly colourful and is considered ideal for decorating the walls of your lawn as it can climb on almost anything.

In winter, it grows!

Thanks to these plants in your garden, your winter will not be completely grey. Because of their colour, they warm the climate and beautify your space at the same time.

  • Anthurium

Do not worry, this beautiful ambassador does not act capricious in winter. She will be there to sublimate your space. All you have to do is water her once a week.

  • Hibiscus

Also known as China Rose, this tropical beauty is easy to grow and enjoys both indoor and outdoor life. You only need to water it regularly as it requires a lot of water.

  • Orchid

It is elegant and refined… The orchid is seductive because of its perfect flowers! They need a high enough humidity to flower, which makes them perfect for our home.