Winter here comes along with rainy and windy weather. While the temperature will not drop as low as in some countries, Mauritian gardens shall still suffer a lot from the lack of sunshine exposure and brightness. From there, you have two options: either take advantage of your outdoor garden and shelter it to be able to fully enjoy it; or create a winter garden which shall warm your terrace or patio by adding some elements in line with the winter season. unveils its secrets!

Like a breath of fresh air in the garden

Here is what your garden needs to overcome wintertime… To face the harsh winds and freezing rain, you have no other choice than creating a sheltered space… Change the layout of your pergola, your terrace or patio, or why not have a camping spot in the garden? After the long months spent on lockdown, each moment outside is pure happiness. Whether you already own a pergola, or any other structures, or are planning to revamp your garden, winter should not refrain you from spending time outside. Ergonomic, with the appropriate accessories, your creativity shall translate into special cocooning spots this winter.

Relaxing under a tree

Trees can be our local weeping willows, sheltering our moments of conviviality. Waterproof cushions and a parasol shall perfectly match your trees, even when it does not rain… Along with a warm blanket to complement the pleasure of cold days and evenings.

Under the pergola: a safe bet

A bioclimatic pergola (which can be closed depending on the season) is a real must for your garden. However, if you don’t have one, you may use a classic pergola covered with a waterproof tarpaulin or well-intertwined ivy to do the trick! Along with some decorative items and cosy seats, enjoy the feeling of being outside, without fearing the cold weather.

Under a starry vault

A camping corner in winter? Why not! For days and evenings with milder temperatures, even during winter, let us play around in the garden. Once again, thanks to a tarpaulin, and other waterproof materials. You also get the possibility of storing everything inside if it rains… Are you looking forward to roasting marshmallows over a wood fire or on a boma?

My private garden on my verandah

Unlike traditional gardens, your winter garden is not just an extension of the house. You can set a lush terrace with a retractable reed fencing when it is too cold. Your contemporary terrace shall emanate a breath of fresh air to warm up the atmosphere, for instance with shelves which can be transferred indoors and outdoors during summertime.

A passion for the patio

A covered patio… A perfect setting for the mild winter. In a space surrounded by nature, with hanging plants and armchairs, along with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate!

Outdoor living is no longer a luxury. Let go of your imagination and listen to your desires, you shall welcome wintertime in an all zen attitude.

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