It’s a difficult time to experience, staying at home. Why not use this free time to create and embellish your home? Here are some practical and economic items that you can create yourself, and even adapt to your liking. We just love these hanging shelves, desks and aromatic herbs. Here’s how to do it yourself.


You only need a few wooden boards, with or without holes drilled in, a few pieces of thick rope or leather straps, metal rings and hooks for the walls.


For boards (drilled)

  • Bend 2 pieces of rope of equal length in 2, and tie them to the ring.
  • Guide the remaining rope through the first board.
  • If you add several levels, create them by tying a knot under each board.

For non- drilled boards

  • Hang them with the help of the leather straps.
  • Either make a hole in the straps to hang them directly to the hooks, or tie them to the rings and then hang them to the hooks.
  • Affix your hooks to the wall

All you have left is to hang your shelf.

2.The hanging desk

Once again, all you need is 2 wooden boards of the same dimension, 2 pieces of strong rope of equal length, and 2 rings affixed to the wall.


  • Once the rings are sturdily affixed to the wall, tie the rope to them while maintaining equal lengths on each side.
  • Drill the 4 corners of the board so as to be able to get one piece of rope through each hole.
  • Thread in the first board, and stop it at the desired level by making a knot.
  • Thread in the second board, and stop it at the desired level by making a knot.

3. The hanging gardens

This 100% DIY option has the same method as the hanging shelves. Just make sure that you cut holes with sizes corresponding to that of your pots into your board before assembling everything.

  • For a simpler option:
  • Just purchase a medium-length rail, with matching hooks.
  • Plant your aromatic herbs in tiny pails.
  • Suspend them to the hooks.