Here comes Valentine’s Day…. If you’re celebrating the chubby cherub who shoots arrows blindly, you’re probably wondering what to give to your significant other.

The longer your couple lasts, the more significant dates need to be commemorated, and the sense of novelty slowly dies down. Here’s a little piece of advice which will turn your gifts into fond memories, as well as some inspo for original ideas.

Valentine Day St Valentin 1
This year, chose Millenial Pink instead of the traditional red St Valentine colour. If you want to know more abour this trendy hue, click on the above picture.

Rule #1

V-day and other anniversairies are the occasions on which one needs to go big or go home. It’s not just about gifts, it’s about love.

Rule #2

Here, it’s all about intention… A thoughtful note which relates the gift to the reason(romantic or sentimental) it is given is often a true game changer.

Here’s more food for thought…



Forget about the generic chocolates. Just keep both golden rules in mind. What’s better than a good old pun on a treat, or his favourite drink?


If you didn’t like his beard at first, but then it grew on you. A fragrance  that will give him a whiff of the kind of night that lies ahead.


Art, because he makes your life beautiful, so he’s worth it!



Once more, think outside of the chocolate box. Breakfast in bed will always be a winner. And to switch it up from flowers, why not a candy arrangement as sweets for your sweet?


If she had you wrapped around her finger in the blink of an eye. Not just any perfume, her in a bottle.


If she already possesses the art de vivre, beautiful paintings will only spice up her daily life.