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Magazine rack

Sizes 32 x 24 x 10 cm

Fabrics and supplies:
● graphic fabrics (for each fabric – 0.5 m of cotton fabric in 112 cm wide)
● Scraps of fabric for meticulous or solid transparent sheet resistant to ironing
● Vlieseline ● Vliesofix ● golden wire
● Bernina Sewing Machine Series 7 or 8
● stitch regulator Bernina (BSR)
● Open embroidery foot n°20.

Cut out the cotton fabric and the Vliesofix at the height, width and depth of the box.

1. Draw the hoop appliques on the Vliesofix. Cut roughly the Vliesofix and iron it on the inside of the fabric. Cut the fabric to the correct size. iron all the fabric with Vlieseline. Place the inner semicircle of the arch on the fabric and sew the surface with the BSR with the zigzag stitch. Remove the paper from the arch, iron and apply the open foot for embroidery.
2. Alternative: sew the transparent sheet in front of or laterally. Iron the Vlieseline on the back. Sew the leaf sideways and down with decorative stitch n° 1361.
3. Iron the Vliesofix on all the cutouts of the box. Remove the paper and iron the sides of the box with the fabric. Tuck the surplus of the upper rim to the iron. Be careful, before ironing put a damp cloth on the transparent sheet and test the reaction to the heat.


Height : 12 – 19 cm

Fabrics and supplies:
● graphic fabrics (112 cm wide)
● 0.3 m color printed cotton fabric
● 0.2 m plain apricot cotton fabric
● 0.2 m cream printed cotton fabric
● gold ribbon or cord
● white ribbon
● 3 cardboard rolls with bottom (bottle packaging)
● Bernina sewing machine
● foot for knits and knits n ° 12C.

Cut the cardboard rolls to the height that you wish. Cut the cotton fabric into the height and circumference of the cardboard roll.

1. Close, place on place, the long ledges. Sew a hem on the top and bottom edge. Sew the gold ribbon on the seam of the hem of the top edge with the knitting and knitting foot. Thread the covers onto the cardboard rolls. Join the three pen holders with a ribbon.


Fabrics and supplies:
● various ribbons residues
● large paper clips
● Bernina sewing machine.

1. In order to give a personal touch to the bookmark, it will be decorated with decorative dots or a message.
2. Cut the ribbons to the desired length, then thread them into the paper clips and sew close to the paper clip.

Source: Magazine Lacase No53
With Haujee & Sons