Feeling overwhelmed in your kitchen? It’s all down to a lack of space. We must admit that, over the years, we tend to hoard a lot of things instead of getting rid of them… This, despite owning a small kitchen.

How can you optimise your storage space? Lacase.mu tells you everything.

Separate your kitchen utensils

It is the trend of the day. Utensil trays for kitchen drawers are the must-haves. Not only are they stylish, but they are also very practical: when it comes to utensils, keeping them in a common place can help you keep things organised. This little storage idea will help you make your space look stylish with the right design.

Go for open shelves

Open shelves are one of the favourite design features of contemporary kitchens. They take the pressure off a small space while giving you the opportunity to showcase the essential components of your cookware. Whether you need to store your kitchen accessories or products, these shelves will come in very handy.

Fix a knife rack to the wall

A simple knife rack may appear to be a design feature, but in fact, it will allow you to make the most of your  essential kitchen utensils without cluttering up your drawers.

Use other rooms

If you have limited storage space in the kitchen, use other rooms in the house to avoid any mess. Move barware and entertainment items to the dining room with corresponding cabinets. And for an exotic touch, place your fruit basket on your dining table for a colourful setting.

Make your own storage panel

Saving space will be easy with a custom pegboard fixed to your wall. Find one and personalise it to your liking. Simply add hangers where you want them to hold your cups or stow your utensils.