If your house seems too small, don’t despair. There’s no need to undergo unnecessary costly overhauling or to try to push your walls out! To create the impression of a more spacious room, just be imaginative and follow our lead!


The simplest trick is to use wallpaper. If your room is rectangular and narrow, create a sense of width and depth by applying a large-patterned wallpaper to the wall. Alternatively, paint the narrowest wall in an original colour while leaving the others white.

A lighter floor

Did you know that the floor also contributes to the perception of a more spacious room? Yes, it does! So don’t overlook it. Always remember to add white or grey carpets. They have the advantage of reflecting the light.

Glass partitions

Glass partitions painted white rather than black blend in better with the walls and increase the transparency effect. This is a great way to bring light into a blind area, to separate a kitchen from a living room or an office area from a hallway.

Mirror mirror on the wall!

Mirrors are the best agents of perception and perspective. Add them as much as possible through mirrored furniture, which for sure will add depth to the space. Be mindful not to cover an entire wall, as this will reflect and magnify the mess in the room.

Clear the air

For a better use of space, opt for intelligent storage and built-in appliances. Choose a light-coloured decor. Clear your bookshelves of useless knick-knacks, stacks of newspapers and other eyesores in the corners.