This November, Mauritius will be celebrating the triumph of light over darkness. It is therefore the perfect occasion to shed light on the major strength of any interior: lighting accessoriesDivali, its treats coming straight from India, but most importantly, its lights! If this festival is a golden opportunity to light up one’s house, why not keep its spirit all year long to appreciate the beauty of good lighting, for ambient settings? La brings you the 4 big trends that will bring your lighting game to the next level…

1. The Art Deco Trend

It is defined by an obvious sense of luxury and a fine grasp of geometry. With a preference for metallics, either to impart a feeling of chic with the emblematic Tiffany lamps, or jazzy setting (reminder of brassy instruments – very trendy at the time) or a rather industrial style; this aesthetic transforms the lighting accessory into a masterpiece in its own right, functional and beautiful.

Beware: amateurs of simplicity; these elements will rather fit the taste and expectations of fans of a more ostentatious take on decor.

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2. The Scandinavian trend

It’s everywhere: in the furniture style, the setup of a room, and even lighting! This simple yet sophisticated school of decor is taking over lampshades, suspensions, and even bedside table lamps. Defined by a quasi-perfectionist take on geometry, flattered by sober colours, it will get you heart struck!

Beware: amateurs of statement pieces; the charm of the Scandi style is all in its subtleness and versatility (in mixing with other decorative elements).

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3. The studio look

Some would even be tempted to denote retro influences from the 60’s and 70’s. Tripod-style lamps are here to bring a touch of photographic studios to your interior; between spotlight-style and other lamps reminding of umbrella flash lights used by professionals back then.

Beware: amateurs of the classic school, the main perk of this trend is to instill a more laidback, artistic, perhaps even conceptual mood.

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4. The avant-garde look

Innovative, for a never-seen-before effect. It is the apex  of design applied to lighting accessories of all sorts. It takes advantage of the most unexpected shapes and materials to produce a true work of abstract art.

Beware: purists with a classic-chic taste, these iconoclastic pieces are not for the faint of heart.

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