His paintings of Mauritian landscapes make you travel. Self-taught artist-painter, Erol Magdeleine was “born to exercise his art”

Recognized for the originality of his compositions illustrating the landscapes of Mauritius, Erol Magdeleine creates exceptional works based on amazing color palettes. His paintings favor the representation of his surroundings: the environment, nature, landscapes, the ocean, pencil portraits and abstract painting. Erol Magdeleine also likes to use the brushes and the knife for his works.

It was in England, at the age of 10, that Erol gave his first brushstroke. His first impressions? The wedding day of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1978. “The ceremony was on TV and I did a couple skit. That’s how my passion for pencil and colors began, ”says the artist who has never left them since that day. His drawings, quickly sketched in pencil in small notebooks, show that the artist is used to sketching the moment on the spot. “I was born to be a painter. It’s a job that I do with a lot of love. If you choose a
profession out of love, you can give your all to succeed despite obstacles, “says the artist, who adds that it was fate that brought him on this path.

His sources of inspiration? The works of the great masters. “The way they apply their techniques. I can watch them for hours as they paint a canvas, ”says the artist, an admiring smile on his lips. After his studies, this resident of Curepipe began to do small exhibitions in hotels such as Le Méridien and those of Sun Resorts including La Pirogue, Ambre, Sugar Beach and Long Beach. “I have worked with several nationalities, it gave me the chance to progress and my works are exhibited in different corners of the
world. This was possible thanks to my perseverance and my desire to succeed, ”says Erol Magdeleine who also gives painting lessons to children from the age of 6 and to adults.

The artist is currently exhibiting his works to the Mauritian public, for the first time, at the Beau Vallon Mall. “People are happy and surprised to see my paintings for the first time.”  Proud, he tells us that he also painted the portrait of Pope Francis during his visit to Mauritius and the work is on display in the vault of Père Laval. His greatest work? A large 40 m long wall drawing in Bambou Virieux. It’s a drawing that explains the surrounding environment with its sailboats in the ocean, the four islands, tropical flowers and above all, the shipwreck of the Wakashio on the south coast.

His projects? Resume painting activities in hotels and exhibit his paintings in London soon, but everything will depend on the pandemic. “Being a painter in Mauritius is not easy despite all the love you give to this profession.” concludes Erol.

Par Kedvee Goinden
Photos : Clifford Francisque